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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

MAY, Last Wednesday

by @ 4:30 am. Date Category: Movable Dates

National Senior Health & Fitness Day


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

Syaday (Discordian)
World No-Tobacco Day
Ambarvalia (Old Roman; No Work Day)
Speak In Complete Sentences Day
Feast of the Visitation
This Day (again; Fairy)
Union Day (South Africa)
National Senior Health & Fitness Day
St. Petronilla’s Day (patron against ague)
Royal Brunei Malay Regiment Day
National Macaroon Day


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Walt Whitman
Clint Eastwood
William Mayo
Lea Thompson
Adrian Tomine
John Smith
Sarah Ellis
William R. Sickert
Chris Elliot
Ellsworth Kelly
Don Ameche
William Heath Robinson
Brooke Shields
Denholm Elliott
Tom Berenger
Joe Namath
Terry Waite
Johnny Paycheck
Gregory Harrison
Peter Yarrow
Sharon Gless
Edward Bennett Williams
Prince Ranier III of Monaco
John Bonham
Henry Jackson
Maeve Kinkead
Felix “Tippy” Martinez
Norman Vincent Peale
Elaine Stewart
Corey Hart
Manuel I
Pius XI
Imhotep of Egypt (2900 BCE)


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Lady Godiva’s ride (1678)
Bra invented
Cornflakes patented (1884)
1st Cricket Match played
Battle of Jutland (WW 1; 1916)
1st Quadruplets finished college
Reindeer 1st born in US
Superman debuted in Action Comic #1 (1938)
Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band released (1967)
Last Model T Ford made (1927)
1st US Copyright Law enacted (1790)
Boer War ended (1902)
Rossini’s La Gazza Ladra premiered
Johnstown Flood (1889)
1st Strike took place
Savage Tales #1 published
Taximeter cabs 1st appeared in New York City (1907)
Angola Civil War ended (1991)
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel opened (NYC; 1836)
John Lennon recorded Give Peace a Chance (1969)
Exemption from US military service 1st offered to Conscientious Objectors (1918)
South Africa declared itself to be independent (1961)
Nazi Adolf Eichmann hanged in Israel (1961)
Rolling Stones played their 1st US concert (at a high school; 1964)
Freddy Fender’s Before the Next Teardrop Falls reached No. 1 (1975)
Playwright Arthur Miller arrested for refusing to rat on other writers who were communists (1957)
Mha Beer Society founded in Pilsen (Czech Republic; 1907)
Adel Brau beer 1st for sale, by Wassau Brewing (Wisconsin; 1933)
1st BJCP exam given (1985)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

Frigg’s Day (Norse Queen of Heaven)
Decoration Day
Feast Day of St. Joan of Arc (patron of France)
My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It Day
St. Ferdinand III’s Day (patron of engineers, governors, rulers)
Croatia National Day
Loomis Day
This Day (Fairy)
Account Days end (from 12th)
St. Walston’s Day (patron of farmers)
National Mint Julep Day


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

King Arthur
Beny Goodman
Peter the Great
Mel Blanc
Colleen Applegate (aka Shauna Grant)
Linda Wiesmeier (Pb 7/82)
Peter Carl Faberge
Beth Kruger
Alfred Austin
Bob Evans
Alice Sophia Stopford
Frankie Trumbauer
Vanessa Bell
Countee Cullen
Rafael Kubelik
Peter Faberge
Otis Skinner
Howard Hawks
Gale Sayers
Irving Thalberg
Michael J. Pollard
Clint Walker
Ernesto de La Guardia
Stepin Fetchit
Nicky Headon
Amos Rusie
Winona Judd
Michael J. Pollard
Johnny Gimble
Patrick Dahlheimer
Tom Morello
Clint Walker
Sparkle Plenty (Dick Tracy)


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Dr. No premiered
Krypton discovered
1st Automobile Accident occurred (1896)
Lincoln Memorial dedicated (1922)
De Soto landed in Florida (1539)
A Streetcar Named Desire premiered
1st Hovercraft launched (1959)
Hall of Fame for Great Americans dedicated (1901)
Nevada Smith premiered
Joan of Arc burned at the stake (1431)
Ice Cream Freezer patented
1st Memorial Day celebrated (1868)
Beatles’ Love Me Do reached No. 1 (1964)
US Marines took Okinawa (WW 2)
Columbus left on his 3rd voyage (1498)
1st Corporation incorporated
Marburg University founded (Germany; 1527)
Pope John Paul II said “no way” to female priests (1994)
1st Indianapolis 500 race held (1911)
Henry VIII married Jane Seymour (1536)
Aukland Harbour Bridge opened (New Zealand; 1959)
Construction began on Lincoln Memorial (1915)
Pennsylvania Evening Post, 1st US daily newspaper, published (1783)
Andrew Jackson killed fellow lawyer Charles Dickinson in a dual over a personal insult (1806)
Lilasons Breweries opened (India; 1971)
Detroit & Mackinac Brewery opened (Michigan ;1992)
Ozark Brewing opened (Arkansas; 1994)
Middle Ages Brewing opened (New York; 1995)
Capitol City Brewing opened (Washington, DC; 1996)

Monday, May 29, 2006

MAY, Monday before Ascension

by @ 4:30 am. Date Category: Movable Dates

Pacing the Bounds (Switzerland)

MAY, Last Monday

by @ 4:30 am. Date Category: Movable Dates

Memorial Day
Spring Bank Holiday (UK)
Decoration Day
Confederate Memorial Day (Virginia)

MAY, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday before Ascension

by @ 4:15 am. Date Category: Movable Dates

Rogation Days (aka Gang Days)

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