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Sunday, May 7, 2006

MAY, 2nd Week

by @ 5:00 am. Date Category: Weekly Dates

National Postcard Week
Golf Week
National Nursing Home Week
Deaf Awareness Week
National Hospital Week
Goodwill Industries Week
National Nurses Week
Be Kind To Animals Week
National Transportation Week
Astronomy Week
Small Business Week
National Tourism Week
International Online Romance Week
Conserve Water/Detect-A-Leak Day
National Herb Week
Flexible Work Arrangements Week
Universal Family Week
National Historic Preservation Week
PTA Teacher Appreciation Week
National Pet Week

MAY, 1st Sunday

by @ 4:00 am. Date Category: Movable Dates

Humane Sunday
Unmother’s Day


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

Spring Day (Scotland)
Helston Furry Dance (Cornwall, UK)
Beaufort Scale Day (wind scale)
Feat of St. Nicola (Bari, Italy’ patron of orphans, pirates)
Bucks County Kite Day (Pennsylvania)
Homespun History Day
Paste-Up Day
Feast Day of San Nicola (Bari, Italy)
St. Domitian’s Day (patron against fever)
National Roast Leg of Lamb Day
St. John of Beverley’s Day
O. Henry World Championship Pun Off (@)
Experience the Awsome Stomach-Churning Wonder of a Thrill Ride Day


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky
Johannes Brahms
Traci Lords
James George Frazer
Robert Browning
Edwin Land
Gary Cooper
Amy Heckerling
Johnny Unitas
Archibald MacLeish
Marilyn Cole (Pb 1/72)
John Heard
Gabby Hayes
Darren McGavin
Anne Baxter
Prairie Prince
Dick Williams
Rabindranath Tagore
Theresa Brewer
Katerina Maleeva
Janis Ian
Eva Peron
Derek Taylor
Jimmy Ruffin
Francis Beaufort
Johnny Maestro
Robin Strasser
Chris O’Connor
Robert Hegyes
Pete V. Domenici
Archibald Primrose
Lord Hanforth


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Pulitzer Prize established
American Medical Association founded (1847)
Lusitania sank by German U-Boat (1915)
Kodak Cameras 1st for sale (1888)
1st Stamp Collection started
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony premiered
Man accidently strangled himself with a garden hose
Germany surrendered (WW 2; 1945)
Telstar 2 launched
Drury Lane’s Theatre Royal opened (1663)
Chief Pontiac attacked English garrison at Detroit (1863)
Largest Swordfish caught (1,182 lbs.)
1st Le Mans Grand Prix d’Endurance race held (1923)
Subtractive Method of Color Photography patented
Eagles’ Hotel California reached No. 1 (1977)
Greece is declared an independent kingdom (1832)
Women’s voting age lowered from 30 to 21 in UK (1926)
French forces in Vietnam overrun at Dien Bien Phu (1954)
Tunis captured from Germany (WW2; 1943)
1st Gathering held of people abducted by aliens (1988)
Protestant Episcopal Chuch formed in US (1789)
Johns Hopkins University Geneticists given permission to clone Abraham Lincoln’s genes (1991)
Joseph Schlitz died (1875)
Colorado Brewing’s Three Star Beer 1st for sale (1951)
Buffalo Brewing opened (Sacramento, California; 1890)
Arizona Brewing opened (Arizona; 1933)
Brazos Brewing opened (Texas; 1995)
Coffaro Brewing opened (New Jersey; 2001)

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