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Monday, July 31, 2006


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Always Live Better Than Yester Day
Friendship Day
St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Day (founded Jesuits; patron of the military, religious retreats; against scruples)
Teej (Iraq)
Iraq Independence Day
St. Joseph of Arimathea’s Day (Eastern)
Lammas Eve
National Raspberry Cake Day
St. Germanus’ Day
Red Friday
Loki and Sigyn’s Day (Norse)
Parents’ Day (Zaire)
St. Giovanni Colombini’s Day


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Antoine Saint-Exupery
Bill Berry
S.S. Kresge
Kyle MacLachlin
Geraldine Chaplin
Don Murray
James Kent
Kym Malin (Pb 5/82)
Lynne Reid Banks
Jean Dubuffet
Curt Gowdy
Tylyn John (Pb 3/92)
Victoria E. Cooke (Pb 8/80)
Wesley Snipes
Primo Levi
Milton Friedman
Otto Schnikel (1849)
Stanley Jaffe
Evonne Goolagong
Irv Kupcinet
William F. Weld
Don Murray
Lynn Karrol (Pb 12/61)
John Ericsson
Hank Bauer
Bob Welch
Sherry Lansin
Dennis Harrison
Erich Heckel
Susan Flannery
Lane Davies
Gary Lewis
France Nuyen
Ahmet Ertegun
Whitney Young Jr.


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Saxophone invented
1st US patent issued (1790)
US Mint opened (1792)
1st Railroad track used
Society of Jesus (Jesuits) founded
Breech Loading Cannon patented
Columbus discovered Trinidad
Jimmy Hoffa disappeared (1975)
Half Penny abolished (UK)
Anglo-Dutch War ended (1667)
Weimar Republic established in Germany (1919)
Idlewild Airport opened (NYC; 1948)
Cigarette Commercials banned on UK TV (1965)
Rain of Frogs (Sterling, Connecticut; 1921)
1st US Government building cornerstone laid
Army dropout Ulysses S. Grant appointed General of Volunteers (1861)
GM became 1st auto stock listed on New York Stock Exchange (1911)
New York’s International Airport (aka Idlewild) dedicated (now JFK; 1948)
Windor McKay’s Little Sammy Sneeze comic strip began (1904)
Irish pop group “Miami Showband” murdered by protestatnt gunmen in Northern Ireland (1975)
Antoine de Saint-Exupery disappeared flying over southern France (1944)
Film Censorship Law 1st imposes its values on everyone else
Shi’ite Muslims, from Organization for the Oppressed of the Earth, hanged US Marine William Higgins (1989)
Nigeria seized UK oil installations to persuade Margaret Thatcher to be tougher on apartheid (1979)
Patrick Francis Healy became President of Georgetown, becoming 1st black to head predominately white university (1861)
James Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend reached No. 1 (1971)
NFL Player’s strike began over pension plans (1970)
Smuggler’s Union went on strike because lax customs officials made it too easy
Virginia House of Burgess proposed that wives be given shares of land in Jamestown (1619)
Intoxicating Liquor Act set the legal drinking age at 18 (England; 1923)
Lexington Brewery opened (Kansas; 1995)
Church Brew Works opened (Pennsylvania; 1996)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

JULY, Last Sunday

by @ 4:00 am. Date Category: Movable Dates

Pile of Bones (Canadian Picnic)
Procession of the Pentinents (Belgium)
Reek Sunday (Ireland)


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

Crater Day (Virginia)
National Cheesecake Day
St. Abdon’s Day (patron of barrel makers)
Marseillaise Day (France)
Vanuatu Independence Day
Copperhead Day
St. Silas’ Day (Greek)
Mutomboko Ceremony (Zambia)
Dog Day
Herbal Ballooning (Fairy)
St. Peter Chrysologus’ Day
World Vegetable Congress


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Vladimir Zworykin
Georgio Vasari
Henry Ford
Emily Bronte
James Edward Kelly
Pete Townsend
Tom Peters (1953)
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Chris Mullin
James Blish
Anita Hill
Henry Moore
Kate Bush
Thorstein Veblen
Peter Bogdanovich
Dave Sanborn
Casey Stengel
Paul Anka
Robert McCormick
Ken Olin
Thornstein Veblen
Edd “Kookie” Byrnes
Bill Carwright
Eleanor Smeal
C. Northcote Parkinson
Reggie Roby
Irene Kristen
Chris McGuire
James Edward Kelly
Ben Piazza
Daley Thomas
Patricia Schroeder
Eleanor Smeal
Delta Burke


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

1st World Cup final held (Uruguay won; 1904)
Marseillaise 1st sung (1792)
US Navy WAVES established (1942)
1st Color Movie demonstrated
England won World Cup (1966)
Last Playboy Club closed (Lansing, Michigan; 1988)
1st Ad for an automobile
Kon Tiki reached Polynesia
Lake Victoria named (1858)
Jimmy Hoffa seen in public for the last time (1975)
1st Masonic Lodge established (1733)
Insulin discovered
Medicare created (1965)
Rain of Frogs (London 1838)
Apollo 15 landed on the Moon (1971)
Captain Easy comic strip began (1933)
John Updike’s Murder Makes the Magazine 1st published at (1997)
Glass Factory 1st made windows in “common sizes” (1740)
Saudi Arabia police open fire on Iranian zealots during annual pilgrimage to Mecca (1987)
Families of Thalidomide babies awarded $11 million in damages in class action suit (1973)
General A. Pinochet came to power in Chile after a coup d’etat (1973)
Fleetside Pub & Brewery opened (Colorado; 1995)
Mount Angel Brewing opened (Oregon; 1995)
Steve Winwood’s Roll With It reached No. 1 (1988)
Hitler presented highest non-citizen award to Henry Ford in Berlin (1938)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

JULY, Last Weekend

by @ 3:30 am. Date Category: Movable Dates

Oregon Brewers Festival, Portland
Pilgrimage of St. Anne d’Auray (France)


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

Festival of the Polymorphously Perverse
Dragon Day
National Lasagna Day
Cherry Feast (Germany)
Oslok (aka St. Olaf’s Feast; Norway)
First Assembly Day
Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day
Thor’s Day (Norse)
St. Martha’s Day (patron of innkeepers, cook, housekeepers, laundresses, waitresses)
Runic half-month of Thorn (defense) begins
Somers Day (Bermuda)
Mutomboko Ceremony Day (Zambia)
St. Olaf’s Day (patron of Norway)
Pardon of the Birds (Quimperle, Brittany)
National Roller Skating Tournament
St. Lupus’ Day (patron against stomachaches)
Rain Day (Waynesburg, Pennsylvania)
St. Olave’s Day


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Dave Stevens
William Powell
Alexis de Tocqueville
Dag Hammarskjold
Garrett Oliver (1962)
Ken Burns
Sigurd Romberg
Don Marquis
Peter Bogdanovich
Don Carter
Vladimir Zworkin
Booth Tarkington
Maria Checa (Pb 8/94)
Peter Jennings
Clara Bow
Eastman Johnson
Robert Reid
Charles Beebe
Melvin Belli
Paul Taylor
David Warner
Tim Mara
Michael Spinks
Patty Scialfa
Greg Minton
Eyvind Johnson
I.I. Rabi
Nancy Landon Kassebaum
Tim Mara
Jim Wahler
William Gass
Paul Taylor
Getty Lee
Alexandra Paul
Leslie Easterbrook
Robert Fuller
Thelma Todd
Jeanetta Arnette
Wil Wheaton
Elizabeth Dole
Benito Mussolini

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