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Wednesday, November 1, 2006


by @ 6:00 am. Date Category: Monthly Dates

Slaughter Month
Aviation History Month
Child Safety and Protection Month
Diabetic Eye Disease Month
Good Nutrition Month
International Creative Child and Adult Month
National Raisin Bread Month
International Drum Month
National Moral Indignation
Jewish Book Month
National Alzheimer’s Disease Month
National Epilepsy Month
National Diabetes Month
National Hospice Month
National Stamp Collecting Month
One Nation Under God Month
Peanut Butter Lover’s Month
National Christmas Seal Month
National Pepper Month
Real Jewelry Month,
National Novel Writing Month [ NaNoWriMo ]

NOVEMBER, Indeterminate Holidays

by @ 5:30 am. Date Category: Indeterminate Dates

25th Day of Kislev, 3rd Jewish month (@ Nov/Dec); Hannukah begins
2 days before Full Mon Day of 12th lunar month (@ Nov/Dec); Wat Simouang Festival (Laos)
Full Moon Day of 12th lunar month (@ Nov/Dec); Loy Krathong (Thailand)
Full Moon Day of Tazauungmon, Burmese month; Tazaundaing (Burma)
Sometime in November; Wax Festival (honoring Sidi Abdallah Ben Houssoun; Morocco)
Sometime in November; Basari Initiation Rites (Senegal)
Sometime in November (every three years); Habye Festival (Togo)

NOVEMBER, 1st Wednesday

by @ 4:00 am. Date Category: Movable Dates

Wet Wellington Wednesday (Imps and Gremlins)


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

All Saint’s Day
All Hallow’s Day
Old Celtic New Year
Invention of Sex Day
National Author’s Day
Day of the Dead (Mexico)
CrossQuarter Day
Soul-Caking Day
St. Mathurin’s Day (patron of fools)
Graveyards Day
Yemen Independence Day
Liberty Day (Virgin Islands)
Samhain (Celtic, 3rd Station)
Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day
National Doubletalk Day
Recreation Day (Tasmania)
St. Cosmas’ and Damian’s Day
Gooseberry Humble’s Tummy-Rumbling Contest (Fairy)
Anniversay of the Revolution (Algeria)
London Film Festival begins
National French Fried Clam Day
St. Marcel of Paris’ Day (patron against vampires)


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Stephen Crane
Larry Flynt
Benvenuto Cellini
Walter Matthau
Jenny McCarthy (Pb 10/93)
William Merrit Chase
Keith Emerson
Martin Luther
Jules Bastien-Lepage
Alfred Wegener
Gary Player
L.S. Lowry
Spencer Perceval
Rick Grech
Ted Hendricks
Lyle Lovett
Fernando Valenzuela
Betsy Palmer
Lauren-Marie Taylor
Sholem Asch
Barbara Bossom
Rick Allen
Benjamin Lee, Baronet Guinness (1798)


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Harvey premiered on Broadway (1944)
1st Department Store opened
Susan B. Anthony & friends arrested for registering to vote (1872)
Rolling Stone 1st published (1967)
Seminole War began (1836)
1st Money Order written (1864)
M1 Motorway opened
Sex invented by microorganisms (Sagan calendar)
Edison got patent for electric lightbulb (1879)
Robin, Batman’s sidekick, killed by the Joker (1988)
1st Air Raid Shelter built
Harvey premiered
Mission San Juan Capistrano founded
1st Prepaid Envelope sent
New York County, New York founded (1683)
African Free School opened (NYC; 1787)
Queen Victoria proclaimed India’s ruler (1858)
1st US Auto Club founded (1895)
Vespucci discovered Rio De Janeiro Bay
Algerian War of Independence began (1954)
1st Royal Command Performance (1946)
Alfred Jarry died (suicide?; 1907)
Radio Licences 1st for sale (UK; 1922)
Suffolk County, New York founded (1683)
US tested 1st Hydrogen Bomb (1952)
American Motor League founded (1895)
Continental Congress adjourned for the last time (1788)
1st Forward Pass thrown in a football game (Notre Dame 35, Army 13; 1913)
Asassination attempt made on US President Harry Truman (1950)
Lisbon, Portugal destroyed by earthquake, tidal wave, and fire (1755)
Nighthawks’ Roodles recorded
US Film Rating System (G/PG/R/X) established
1st Bottled Beer sold by John Orth Brewery, Minnesota (1850)
Horse Brass Pub opened (Portland; 1976)


by @ 12:30 am. Date Category: Events

William S. Sohn Brewing (Ohio; 1900)
Napa Valley Brewing (California; 1987)
Rubicon Brewing (California; 1987)
T.W. Fisher’s Couer d’Alene Brewing (Idaho; 1987)
Water Street Brewery (Wisconsin; 1987)
Florida Beer Brands (Florida; 1988)
Queen’s Wharf Brewery (Australia; 1988)
Hops Bistro & Brewery (Arizona; 1989)
Hoster Brewing (Ohio: 1989)
Champion Brewing (Colorado; 1991)
Onalaska Brewing (Washington; 1991)
Miracle Brewing (Kansas; 1992)
Bluegrass Brewing (Kentucky; 1993)
Golden City Brewery (Colordao; 1993)
Grand Rapids Brewing (Michigan; 1993)
Johny’s Brewery & Cafe (Nebraska; 1993)
New Glarus Brewing (Wisconsin; 1993)
Bayou Grill & Brewery (Louisiana; 1994)
Columbine Mill Brewery (Colorado; 1994)
Flanagans Brewing (Canada; 1994)
Jack Daniel’s Brewery (Tennessee; 1994)
La Belle Brewing (Wisconsin; 1994)
Magic Hat Brewing (Vermont; 1994)
Santa Monica Brewing (California; 1994)
Stark Mill Brewery & Restaurant (New Hampshire; 1994)
Yellow Rose Brewing (Texas; 1994)
Young’s Brewing (Washington; 1994)
Flagstone Brewing (North Carolina; 1995)
Morgan Street Brewery (Missouri; 1995)
One Keg Brewhouse (Colorado; 1995)
Pete’s Place (Oklahoma; 1995)
Southside Cellar Brewing (Alabama; 1995)
Ugly Dog Brewery (Pennsylvania; 1995)
Brasserie Monde (Canada; 1996)
Brew House (Vermont; 1996)
Court Avenue Brewing (Iowa; 1996)
Goulbum Brewery (Australia; 1996)
Ridge Pub & Brewery (Washington; 1996)
Tida Brewery (Japan; 1996)
Thunder Canyon Brewery (Arizona; 1996)
TwoRows Restaurant & Brewery (Houston, Texas; 1996)
Vessels & Barrels (Canada; 1996)
Williamsburg Brewing (Virginia; 1996)
Bill’s Tavern (Oregon; 1997)
Maritime Beer Co. (Canada; 1997)
Ommegang (New York; 1997)
Rock Art Brewery (Vermont; 1997)
Winter Park Beer Co. (Colorado; 1997)
Blimp City Brewing (Ohio; 1998)
Ross Valley Brewing (California; 1998)
Townes Brewery (England; 1998)
Blue Collar Brewery (New Jersey; 1999)
Heavyweight Brewing (New Jersey; 1999)
Tenaya Creek Restaurant & Brewery (Nevada; 1999)
The Gahan House (Canada; 2000)

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