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Sunday, December 31, 2006


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New Year’s Eve
Hogmanay Day (Scotland)
World Peace Meditation Day
Make Up Your Mind Day
Noche de Pedimento (Wishing Night)
Omisoka Day (Japan)
Amateur Night
Congo Republic Day
St. Sylvester’s Day
Watch Night
Namahge (Japan)
Comoros Independence Day
Unlucky Day (Astronomy)
National Champagne Day
Kwanzaa, Day 6: Kuumba (Creativity)
Fairy Eve’s Year News (Fairy)
Check the Smoke Alarms Day
Revolution Day (Ghana)
Cowbellion de Rakin Revel (Alabama)
No Resolution Day
Samoan Fire Dance (Western Samoa)
You’re All Done Day
Allendale Baal Fire Festival


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Henry Matisse
Tim Matthieson (voice of Jonny Quest)
Steve Rude
Andy Summers
Jacques Cartier
Anthony Hopkins
Ben Kingsley
Tim Matheson
Val Kilmer
Bebe Neuwirth
Lord Leighton
John Wycliffe
Lord Cornwallis
George C. Marshall
Sarah Miles
Patti Smith
John Denver
Diane Von Furstenburg
Mike “King” Kelly
Hugh McElhenny
Rich Baldinger
Ed Simmons
Rick Aguilera
Marie Wilson
Donna Summer
“Bonnie Prince” Charles Edward Stuart

EVENTS 12.31

by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

1st Humans appeared (10:30 p.m.)
Martin Luther excommunicated
Calvin & Hobbes last comic strip (1995)
Monopoly patented (1935)
Inspector General premiered
1st Transatlantic voice broadcast
Three Men In a Boat debuted
East India Company chartered (1600)
Czech-Slovak split at midnight (1992)
Ellis Island opened
Monkees’ I’m a Believer reached No. 1 (1966)
Government of Ghana overthrown (1981)
Paul McCartney knighted (1996)
Trafalgar Square’s giant Christmas tree attacked by Norwegian man with a chainsaw (1990)
Esso Oil announced it was divesting in South Africa (1986)
Frank Sinatra debuted solo at NYC’s Paramount Theatre
Panama will take over the Panama Canal (1999)
MBE awarded to Eric Bristow, darts’ world champion (1988)
1st Huguenot emigrants to South Africa left France with grapevines (1687)
Michigan J. Frog debuted in Warner Bros. cartoon (1955)
Little Match Girl froze to death (Hans Christian Anderson)
Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance premiered on Broadway (1879)
France turned down a non-aggression pact from Germany (1922)
Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing opened (Ohio; 1985)
Carver Brewing opened (Colorado; 1988)
Blackstone Brewery opened (Tennessee; 1994)
Longshore Brewing opened (New York; 1996)
Arizona Roadhouse opened (Arizona; 1997)
Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease for the St. James Gate property in Dublin (Ireland; 1759)
The “drunkometer,” the 1st breathalyzer debuted (1938)
Scheidt Brewing closed (Pennsylvania; 1974)
Blitz-Weinhard in Portland, Oregon closed (1999)
Lone Star Brewing in Texas closed (1999)
Celis Brewery in Austin, Texas closed (2000)
Pliocene Period ended, Quatenary (Pleistocene and Holocene) Period began; humans 1st appeared at 10:30 p.m. (Sagan calendar)

Other Sagan calendar events:

Saturday, December 30, 2006


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Miracle Day
Festival of Enormous Changes At the Last Minute
Romania Republic Day
Madagascar Independence Day
Kwanzaa, Day 5: Nia (Purpose)
Fairy Frequent Fliers’ Awards (Fairy)
Rizal Day (Philippines)
St. Sabinus’ Day
National Bicarbonate of Soda Day


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Rudyard Kipling
Mike Nesmith
Dmitri Kabalevsky
Simon Guggenheim
John Milne
Davy Jones
Sandy Koufax
Tracy Ullman
Stephen Leacock
Jack Lord
Bert Parks
Jeff Lynne
Del Shannon
Stephen Leacock
Bo Diddley
Asa Griggs Candler
Skeeter Davis
Ben Johnson
Carol Reed
Paul Bowles
Jo Van Fleet
Frank Torre
Devon Mitchell
Tojo Hideki

EVENTS 12.30

by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

1st Color TV for sale (Admiral; 1953)
Gadsen Purchase (1853)
Let’s Make a Deal debuted
1st Public Concert given
Boer War began
American Meterological Society established
Bruckner’s 7th Symphony premiered
Los Angeles dedicated its 1st Freeway (1940)
USS Monitor sank in storm (1862)
Tokyo Subway dedicated (1927)
Roy Rogers Show debuted (1951)
Transvaal became a republic (1880)
Soviet Russia renamed Union if Soviet Socialist Republics (1922)
1st Female law student admitted to Lincoln’s Inn (London; 1919)
Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance premiered in London (1879)
UAW (United Auto Workers) held their 1st sit-down strike (1936)
Olover North subpoenaed US President Ronald Reagan and George Bush to testify in Iran-Contra trial (1988)
1st “Black-Face” act performed (1799)
Primate brain’s frontal lobes 1st developed and 1st hominids and giant mammals appeared (Sagan calendar)
Miller High Life 1st bottled (1903)
Alaskan Amber 1st bottled (1986)
Anchor’s Junipero Gin 1st bottled (1997)
Red Bank Brewery opened (New Jersey; 1995)
Cross Creek Brewing opened (North Carolina; 1998)

Friday, December 29, 2006


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

Broadway Day
Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury (aka Thomas a Beckett; patron of the blind)
King’s Day (Nepal)
Pepper Pot Day
Festival of Autonomous Media
St. Trophimus of Arles’ Day
Kwanzaa, Day 4: Ujamaa (Cooperative Economy)
Paternoster Row Day
St. Tropez’s Day (patron of children; against gout)
National Chocolate Again Day


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

William MacIntosh
Ray Nitschke
Charles Goodyear
Billy Mitchell
Andrew Johnson
Pablo Casals
William Gladstone
Mary Tyler Moore
Kalin Olin (Pb 8/97)
David Alfaro Sisqueiros
William Gaddis
Ted Danson
Kurt Widmer (1951)
Michael D. Lewis (1936)
Marianne Faithful
Ed Flanders
Jon Voight
Marquise de Pompadour
Charles Macintosh
Inga Swenson
Mervyn Fernandez
Tom Bradley
Alexander Farrelly
Devon White
Ray Thomas
William Gaddis
Henry Jones
Darren Perry
Thomas Edwin Jarriel
August A. Busch, Sr. (1865)

EVENTS 12.29

by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Movie Serial debuted (Adventures of Kathleen; 1913)
Texas became the 28th state (1845)
Massacre at Wounded Knee (1890)
Auto Brake patented
US YMCA established
Rasputin assassinated (1916)
Jacques Louis David died in exile (1825)
Only recorded wolf attack on a human
Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle reached No. 1 (1973)
Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash published
1st Iron warship, HMS Warrior, launched (1860)
Philadelphia Pepper Pot dish invented by George Washington (1777)
Jane Pauley left the Today Show (1989)
Ashtabula Bridge collapsed, killing 82 (Ohio; 1876)
Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, murdered by 4 of King Henry II’s knights (1170)
Cetaceans and Primates 1st appeared as Mesozoic Era ended, Cenozioc Era and Tertiary Period began (Sagan calendar)
USSR launched a photo-reconnaissance satellite (1987)
Dr. Sun Yat-sen became 1st President of Republic of China (1911)
Vietnamese boat people battled with Hong Kong riot police (1989)
Britain, Austria, Russia, Naples, and Portugal formed an alliance against Napoleon (1798)
At a press conference, Rugby team survivors of Uruguayan plane that crashed in the Andes, admitted to cannibalism for survival (1972)
Allied Breweries/Bass Brewers Ltd. opened (England; 1777)

Thursday, December 28, 2006


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

Card Playing Day
National Chocolate Day
Cross Day (Ireland)
Inocentes (Mexican April Fool’s Day)
Holy Innocents Day (Childermas; patron of Belgium, babies, choirboys)
Proclamation Day (South Australia)
Childermas Day
Runic half-month of Eoh (yew tree) begins
Kwanzaa, Day 3: Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility)
Bairns’ Day (Unluckiest Day of the Year)
Nepal National Day
Dyzemas Day
Eat Vegetarian Day
Fairy Academy of Window-Frosting Winter Exhibition (Fairy)
Indonesia Independence Day
Throw Away Your Subliminal Motivation Tapes Today Day
Holy Innocent’s Day (Feast of Fools, Day 3)

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