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Friday, December 22, 2006

DECEMBER, Last 10 Days

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10 Days of Wanking [ website ]


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International Arbor Day
Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere @)
Yule (Wiccan @)
Capricorn zodiac sign begins
St. Anastasia’s Day (Eastern)
Celtic tree month of Ruis ends
Beetle Banquet and Badger Ball (Fairy)
St. Chrysogonus’ Day (Eastern)
National Date-Nut Bread Day
St. Chaeremon’s Day


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Sir Gawain
Edgar Varese
Franz Schmidt
Joanne Carilli (1966)
Joseph Bloomingdale
Barbara Billingsly
Jean Racine
Luca della Robbia
Giacomo Puccini
Theodoros Stamos
Hector Elizondo
James Edward Oglethorpe
Marcy Hansen (Pb 10/78)
William Ellery
Connie Mack
Steve Carlton
Erica Boyer
Lauralee Bell
Gene Rayburn
Andre Kostelantz
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Kenneth Rexroth
Diane Sawyer
Peggy Ashcroft
Larry Shlim
Maurice & Robin Gibb
Steve Garvey
Jan Stephenson
Mike Sullivan
Robin & Maurice Gibb
Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson

EVENTS 12.22

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Thunderball premiered
Loaf of Bread Standardized (1680)
One, Two, Three premiered
Christmas Tree lights 1st for sale (1882)
1st Golf Association established
Goldfinger premiered
1st X-Ray taken (1895)
Thermometer invented
Zefferelli’s Romeo & Juliet premiered
1st Revolving Stage built
Liquid Oxygen patented
Blondie premiered
Embaro Act passed
Dreyfus found guilty of treason and sent to Devil’s Island (1894)
Jacobite Rebellion, led by James Edward Stuart, began at Peterhead (1715)
Merthe Morisot married Eugene Manet, artist Edouard’s brother (1874)
1st US Soldier died in Vietnam (James Davis; 1961)
Library at Alexandria destroyed (640 CE)
Motley Crue singer Nikki Sixx died of a heroin overdose (1987)
Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu overthrown (1989)
Madonna’s Like a Virgin reached No. 1 (1984)
Yves Montand & Simone Signoret married (1925)
Passenger liner Lakonia sank in the Atlantic Ocean (1963)
Kenney Jones replaced Keith Moon as the Who’s drummer (1978)
Muir Woods’ “Walk Thru Tree” in Cathedral Grove fell during windstorm (1971)
UK announced Ireland would have self-government with 2 parliaments (1919)
350 Died in Lancashire mining disaster (1910)
Palestinian terrorists seized over 70 hostages at OPEC summit (Vienna; 1975)
UK Officers Lt. Trench & Capt. Brandon found guiltyof spying in Leipzig (1910)
Michael Jackson denied allegations that he sexually molested a 13-year old boy (1993)
South Africa, Angola, and Cuba signed treaty withdrawing Cuban troops from Angola (1988)
Amphibians and winged insects 1st appeared (Sagan calendar)
1st Vote in Congress on alcohol prohibition; it was defeated 197-189 (1914)
Oertel Brewing opened (Kentucky; 1906)
Laguna Beach Brewing opened (California; 1994)
Tun Tavern opened (Pennsylvania; 1994)
Yaletown Brewing opened (Canada; 1994)
Bray’s Brewpub opened (Maine; 1995)
Powerhouse Brewing opened (California; 1995)
Sharktooth Brewing opened (Hawaii; 1995)

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