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Saturday, April 7, 2007

APRIL, 1st Saturday

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Saturday Market Day (Oregon)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

APRIL is …

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Grass Month
Autism Awareness Month (California)
Pets Are Wonderful Month
Uh-huh Month
Cancer Control Month
Child Abuse Prevention Month
Freedom Shrine Month
International Guitar Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
Listening Awareness Month
Mathematics Education Month
National Anxiety Month
National Garden Month
National Home Improvement Month
National Humor Month
National Occupational Therapy Month
National Welding Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Sports Eye Safety Month
Boscov’s Did-You-Boscov-Today Month
Philatelic Societies Month
VD Awareness Month
National Food Month
Stress Awareness Month
Alcohol Awareness Month
Holy Humor Month
International Amateur Radio Month
International Twit Award Month
Month of the Young Child
National Florida Tomato Month
Multicultural Communication Month
National Knuckles Down Month
National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Education and Awareness Month
National Woodworking Month
Sea Cadet Month
Thai Heritage Month
Sports Eye Safety Month
Community Services Month (California)
Listening Awareness Month

APRIL, Indeterminate Holidays

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Full Moon Day of 6th Buddhist month (@ Apr/May); Vesak
Sun enters Aries; Solar New Year (Southeast Asia), aka Thingyan (Burma), aka Songkran (Thailand)
10th through 15th Day of 2nd lunar month; Paro Tsechu (Bhutan)
During planting season (@ Apr/May); Tyi Wara (Mali)
Early April to late July (every 4 years); Summer Olympics begin
Late April or May; Alp Aufzug (Switzerland)
Before 1st rainfall (@ Apr/May); Bobo Masquerade (Burkina Faso)
Sometime in April; World Champioinship Cow Chip Throwing Contest


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April Fool’s Day
Intolerance Day
Fortuna Virilis (Old Roman Women’s Festival to Venus, seeking good relations with men)
Loki’s Day (Norse)
Festival of Positive Threats
Islamic Republic Day (Iran)
EOKA Day (Greece)
San Marino National Day
One Cent Day
All Fools’ Day
Festival of Irritating Jokes and Childish Japes
Tater Days begin (Kentucky)
St. Melito’s Day
Hebrew University Day
Aspen/Snowmass Banana Season begins
St. Lasarus’ Day (patron of spring, love, Bulgaria)
Alaska Dryrotta Day
Gowkie Day (aka Gowkin’ Day)
St. Mary of Egypt’s Day (Eastern)
April Noddy Day
Huntigowk Day
St. Catherine of Palma’s Day
National Sourdough Bread Day
St. Hugh of Grenoble’s Day


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Edmond Rostrand
Sergei Rachmaninoff
John Morton
Otto Von Bismark
Edwin Abbey
Sung Hi Lee [ website ]
William Harvey
Jimmy Cliff
Scott Joplin
Annette O’Toole
John Ford
Clara Hale
Milan Kundera
Shanna McCullough
Wallace Beery
Lon Chaney
Gordon Jump
Toshire Mifune
Annette O’Toole
Jane Powell
Phil Niekro
Ali McGraw
Gil Scott-Heron
Libby Riddles
Debbie Reynolds
William Manchester
Ronnie Lane
Don Hastings
Jane Adams
Clara McBride Hale
Rusty Staub
Eddie Duchin
Rudolph Isley
Billy Curie
Magdelena Maleeva
George Grizzard
Kevin Duckworth
Jim Ed Brown
Bow Howdy


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Great Cheese Scandal (UK)
Berlin Airlift began (1948)
Daredevil #1 published
1st Weather satellite sent into orbit (1960)
US Air Force Academy founded (1954)
1st City College founded
Cheaper By the Dozen premiered
Automatic Record Changer invented
Ford’s assmbly line began rolling (1913)
How the West Was Won premiered
Battle of Okinawa began (WW 2; 1945)
Adventures of Superman debuted
Netscape established (1994 @)
1st Bridge in US built (1634)
Last Chevrolet Corvair built (1969)
Paris & London 1st linked by telephone (1891)
Sandusky County, Ohio founded (1860)
United Mine Workers’ strike began (1946)
Alley Oop stepped into the time machine (1939)
Marvin Gaye shot by his father (1984)
Defeat at Five Forks (Civil War; 1865)
Automatic Record Changer introduced (1924)
Exxon Alaskan oil spill (1989)
Smilin’ Jack comic strip ended (1973)
2-Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine patented (1826)
Harry Hamlin married Lisa Rinna (1997)
Jefferson Airplane’s Somebody To Love released
Failure Analysis Association founded (1967)
Dennis Miller’s The Rants published (1996)


by @ 12:30 am. Date Category: Events

Als Aldaris / Pripps & Hartwell opened (Latvia; 1865)
Genessee Brewing opened (New York; 1933)
Frog & Parrot brewery opened (England; 1982)
Granite Brewery opened (Nova Scotia, Canada; 1985)
Horseshoe Bay Brewing opened (British Columbia, Canada; 1988)
Old City Brewing opened (Texas; 1988)
Rochester Brewpub opened (New York; 1988)
Dilworth Brewing opened (North Carolina; 1989)
Frankton Bagby Brewery opened (England; 1989)
Marin Brewing opened (California; 1989)
Old Colorado Brewing opened (Colorado; 1989)
Swans Brewpub / Buckerfield Brewery opened (British Columbia, Canada; 1989)
Dubuque Brewing opened (Washington; 1991)
Nelson Brewing opened (British Columbia, Canada; 1991)
Captain Tony’s Pizza & Pasta Emporium brewery opened (Ohio; 1993)
Lonetree Brewing Ltd opened (Colorado; 1993)
Murphys Creek Brewing opened (California; 1993)
Old Peconic Brewing opened (New York; 1993)
Star Brewing opened (Oregon; 1993)
Stoddard’s Brewhouse & Eatery opened (California; 1993)
Highlands Brewery opened (Florida; 1994)
Maui Beer Company opened (Hawaii; 1994)
Black River Brewhouse opened (Vermont; 1995)
Brazos Brewing opened (Texas; 1995)
Chuckanut Bay Brewing opened (Washington; 1995)
Coophouse Brewery opened (Colorado; 1995)
Drytown Brewing opened (New York; 1995)
Engine House #9 brewery opened (Washington; 1995)
Oasis Brewing opened (Colorado; 1995)
Old World Pub & Brewery opened (Oregon; 1995)
River Market Brewing opened (Missouri; 1995)
Southend Brewery & Smokehouse opened (North Carolina; 1995)
Thunder Bay Brewing opened (California; 1995)
American Brewers Guild Brewery opened (California; 1996)
Blue Anchor Pub brewery opened (Florida; 1996)
Champion Billiards & Cafe opened (Maryland; 1996)
Climax Brewing opened (New Jersey; 1996)
Gem State Brewing opened (Idaho; 1996)
Kaw River Brewery opened (Kansas; 1996)
Mt. Begbie Brewing opened (Canada; 1996)
O’Hooley’s Pub & Brewery opened (Ohio; 1996)
Osprey Ale Brewing opened (Colorado; 1996)
Paradise Brewing / Pagosa Springs Brewing opened (Colorado; 1996)
Railway Brewing opened (Alaska; 1996)
Rixdorfer Brauhaus opened (Germany; 1996)
A-Z Brewing opened (Arizona; 1997)
Ambleside Brewing opened (Minnesota; 1997)
Arizona Brewing opened (Arizona; 1997)
Barley Brothers Brewery & Grill opened (Arizona; 1997)
Barney’s brewery opened (California; 1997)
Borealis Brewery opened (Alaska; 1997)
Cottonwood Brewery opened (North Carolina; 1997)
Great Beer Co. opened (California; 1997)
High Mountain Brewing opened (Canada; 1997)
Irons Brewing opened (Colorado; 1997)
Manitou Brewery opened (Colorado; 1997)
Maui Kine Brewery opened (Hawaii; 1997)
Olde Wyndham Brewery opened (Connecticut; 1997)
Reckless Abandon brewery opened (California; 1997)
Sierra Blanca Brewing opened (New Mexico; 1997)
Willimantic brewing opened (Connecticut; 1997)
Dragonmead Microbrewery opened (Michigan; 1998)
Knucklehead Brewing opened (Canada; 1998)
Newport Brewing opened (Rhode Island; 1998)
Captain Cook Brewery opened (England; 1999)
Freedom Brewing opened (England; 1999)
MIIG Brewery opened (Jordan; 1999)
Titanic Brewery & Restaurant opened (Florida; 1999)
Two Rivers Brewing opened (Canada; 1999)
Clay Pipe Brewing opened (Maryland; 2000)

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