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Sunday, April 1, 2007


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Als Aldaris / Pripps & Hartwell opened (Latvia; 1865)
Genessee Brewing opened (New York; 1933)
Frog & Parrot brewery opened (England; 1982)
Granite Brewery opened (Nova Scotia, Canada; 1985)
Horseshoe Bay Brewing opened (British Columbia, Canada; 1988)
Old City Brewing opened (Texas; 1988)
Rochester Brewpub opened (New York; 1988)
Dilworth Brewing opened (North Carolina; 1989)
Frankton Bagby Brewery opened (England; 1989)
Marin Brewing opened (California; 1989)
Old Colorado Brewing opened (Colorado; 1989)
Swans Brewpub / Buckerfield Brewery opened (British Columbia, Canada; 1989)
Dubuque Brewing opened (Washington; 1991)
Nelson Brewing opened (British Columbia, Canada; 1991)
Captain Tony’s Pizza & Pasta Emporium brewery opened (Ohio; 1993)
Lonetree Brewing Ltd opened (Colorado; 1993)
Murphys Creek Brewing opened (California; 1993)
Old Peconic Brewing opened (New York; 1993)
Star Brewing opened (Oregon; 1993)
Stoddard’s Brewhouse & Eatery opened (California; 1993)
Highlands Brewery opened (Florida; 1994)
Maui Beer Company opened (Hawaii; 1994)
Black River Brewhouse opened (Vermont; 1995)
Brazos Brewing opened (Texas; 1995)
Chuckanut Bay Brewing opened (Washington; 1995)
Coophouse Brewery opened (Colorado; 1995)
Drytown Brewing opened (New York; 1995)
Engine House #9 brewery opened (Washington; 1995)
Oasis Brewing opened (Colorado; 1995)
Old World Pub & Brewery opened (Oregon; 1995)
River Market Brewing opened (Missouri; 1995)
Southend Brewery & Smokehouse opened (North Carolina; 1995)
Thunder Bay Brewing opened (California; 1995)
American Brewers Guild Brewery opened (California; 1996)
Blue Anchor Pub brewery opened (Florida; 1996)
Champion Billiards & Cafe opened (Maryland; 1996)
Climax Brewing opened (New Jersey; 1996)
Gem State Brewing opened (Idaho; 1996)
Kaw River Brewery opened (Kansas; 1996)
Mt. Begbie Brewing opened (Canada; 1996)
O’Hooley’s Pub & Brewery opened (Ohio; 1996)
Osprey Ale Brewing opened (Colorado; 1996)
Paradise Brewing / Pagosa Springs Brewing opened (Colorado; 1996)
Railway Brewing opened (Alaska; 1996)
Rixdorfer Brauhaus opened (Germany; 1996)
A-Z Brewing opened (Arizona; 1997)
Ambleside Brewing opened (Minnesota; 1997)
Arizona Brewing opened (Arizona; 1997)
Barley Brothers Brewery & Grill opened (Arizona; 1997)
Barney’s brewery opened (California; 1997)
Borealis Brewery opened (Alaska; 1997)
Cottonwood Brewery opened (North Carolina; 1997)
Great Beer Co. opened (California; 1997)
High Mountain Brewing opened (Canada; 1997)
Irons Brewing opened (Colorado; 1997)
Manitou Brewery opened (Colorado; 1997)
Maui Kine Brewery opened (Hawaii; 1997)
Olde Wyndham Brewery opened (Connecticut; 1997)
Reckless Abandon brewery opened (California; 1997)
Sierra Blanca Brewing opened (New Mexico; 1997)
Willimantic brewing opened (Connecticut; 1997)
Dragonmead Microbrewery opened (Michigan; 1998)
Knucklehead Brewing opened (Canada; 1998)
Newport Brewing opened (Rhode Island; 1998)
Captain Cook Brewery opened (England; 1999)
Freedom Brewing opened (England; 1999)
MIIG Brewery opened (Jordan; 1999)
Titanic Brewery & Restaurant opened (Florida; 1999)
Two Rivers Brewing opened (Canada; 1999)
Clay Pipe Brewing opened (Maryland; 2000)

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