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Saturday, March 31, 2007


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Tater Day
Oranges and Lemons Day
Luna (Old Roman Moon Festival)
Sacred Drama Day (Ancient Babylonia)
Transfer Day (Virgin Islands)
Malta National Day
Bunsen Burner Day
Pennsylvania Maple Festival
Soviet Georgia Independence Day
Day Everyone Says “31″ a Lot (Fairy)
National Clams on the Half Shell Day
St. Balbinus’ Day (patron against diseases of the lymph glands, scrofula)


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Rene Descartes
Nikolai Gogol
Franz Joseph Haydn
Edward FitzGerald
Robert Von Bunsen
John Donne
Red Norvo
Cesar Chavez
William Morris Hunt
John La Farge
Edith “Aunt Jemima” Wilson
William Daniels
Andrew Lang
Gordie Howe
John Jakes
Ethel Harper
Henry Morgan
Judith Rossner
Andrew Marvell
Liz Claiborne
Gabe Kaplan
John Fowles
Patrick Leahy
Octavio Paz
Richard Kiley
Christopher Walken
Al Gore
Herb Alpert
Mose Maimonides
Sergei Diaghliev
Barney Frank
Rhea Perlman
Shirley Jones
Judith Rossner
Richard Chamberlain
Ed Marinaro
Leo Buscaglia
Jimmy Johnson
Patrick J. Leahy


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Eiffel Tower opened (1889)
Daylight Savings Time 1st went into effect (1918)
Schumann’s Spring Symphony premiered
Mt. Rushmore authorized
1st Air Warfare casualty died
Dalai Lama fled Tibet (1951)
Tejano singing star Selena murdered (1995)
Japan opened its doors to US trade (1854)
Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki published (1950)
Oklahoma premiered on Broadway (1940)
1st Map of the US published
Newfoundland became a Canadian Province (1949)
Smilin’ Jack married in comic strip (1973)
US Virgin Islands purchased from Denmark (1917)
Milton Caiff’s Male Call with Miss Lace comic strip ended (1945)
Kenny Loggins’ Footloose reached No. 1 (1984)
Singer Selena gunned down (1995)
New Zealand farmer flew a homemade monoplane (1903)
San Francisco’s Army Street renamed Cesar Chavez (1995)
Madonna is bleeped 12 times using the word “fuck” on David Letterman (1994)
Gottlieb Daimler named his newly invented automobile after his daughter, Mercedes (1901)
2 short, gray & hairy aliens appeared on the patio of a house in Puerto Rico (1991)
Los Angeles went dry (1918)
Tin was restricted during World War 2, killing beer can production (1941)
St. Ann’s Brewery closed (Scotland; 1961)
Falstaff bought Ballantine (1972)
General Brewing, who made Lucky Lager, closed (San Francisco, California; 1978)
The SandLot Brewery at Coors Field opened (Colorado; 1995)

Friday, March 30, 2007


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Birthday of Lao-Tzu (China)
Doctor’s Day
Festival of Reality Fabrication
National Badminton Day
“I Am in Control” Day
Runic half-month of Ehwaz (horse) begins
Limited Liability Day
Festival of Janus and Concordia
National Hot Dog Day
Pennsylvania Crafts Fair Day
St. John Climacus’ Day
Take A Walk In the Park Day
Flowertown Festival
Seward Day
Benediction de Los Animales (Blessing of the Animals; Mexico)
Fairies of the First Wand Reunion Dinner (Guests not invited; Fairy)


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

Vincent Van Gogh
Francisco Jose de Goya
John Astin
Moses Maimonics
Sean O’Casey
Eric Clapton
DeWitt Wallace
Warren Beatty
Dick Cantwell (1957)
Jo Davidson
Donna D’Errico (Pb 9/95)
Clifford Whittingham Beers
Richard Dysart
McGeorge Bundy
Bernhard Schmidt
John Hawkins
Frankie Laine
Peter Marshall
Melanie Klein
Paul Verlaine
Bob C. Smith
Emma Goldman
Bob Miller


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Metropolitan Museum opened
US bought Alaska from Russia (1867)
1st Dance Marathon held
Some Like It Hot premiered
Anaesthesia 1st used (1842)
Eraser-topped Pencil patented (1858)
Treaty of Fez signed
Crimean War ended (1856)
Incubator patented
Kull #1 published
Transistor patented (1956)
Jesus Christ died (29, 30, 33, or 36 CE)
Genessee County, New York founded (1802)
Texas readmitted to the Union (1870)
Okefenokee Swamp National Refuge established
Sino-British Opium War began (1839)
Knoxville Road, Tennessee began construction (1791)
Beatles have 5 songs in Top 5; 12 songs in Top 100
Julius & Ethel Rosenberg found guilty of spying (1951)
Kurt Russell proposes to Goldie Hawn at the Oscars (1989)
Jack Paar hosted The Tonight Show for the last time (1962)
US President Ronald Reagen shot by John Hinckley Jr. (1981)
1st Ocean Liner circumnavigated the Earth (1923)
John Denver’s Sunshine on My Shoulder reached No. 1 (1974)
Brooklyn Brewery opened (New York; 1988)
River Market Brewing opened (Missouri; 1995)
Laurelwood Pub & Brewery opened (Oregon; 2001)

Thursday, March 29, 2007


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

Alchemy Day
Vietnam Veteran’s Day
Festival of Smoke and Mirrors
Memorial Day (Madagascar)
Boganda Day (Central African Republic)
Swedish Colonial Day (Delaware)
Day of Redress (Fairy)
Runic half-month of Beorc ends
Delaware Swedish Colonial Day
St. Woolos’ Day
National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day
Youth Day (Tawain)
WHIM Conference (Western Humor & Interdisciplinary Irony Membership)
Borrowed Days begin (calendar legend held that March stole 3 days from April)


by @ 2:00 am. Date Category: Birthdays

William Walton
Eric Idle
John Tyler
Edward Burra
Jack Butler Yeats
Elle MacPherson
Spike Lee
Elihu Thomson
Marina Sirtis
Jill Goodacre
E. Power Biggs
Oscar Meyer
Bud Cort
Pearl Bailey
John McLaughlin
Edwin Lutyens
Karen Ann Quinlan
Counsellor Troi (2336)
Arthur O’Connell
Cy Young
Walt Frasier
Howard Lindsay
Nancy Kwan
Denny McLain
Emlen Tunnell
Ales Hrdlicka
Earl Campbell
Kurt Thomas
Billy Carter
Edwin Drake
Larry Pressler
Norman Tebbit
Lou Henry Hoover
Man O’ War
Eugene McCarthy


by @ 1:00 am. Date Category: Events

Royal Albert Hall opened (1871)
Coca-Cola invented (1886)
1st Bookmobile Day (David Letterman)
Fog Disposal Unit 1st tested
Louvre Pyramid inaugurated (1989)
1st Music Society formed
Lil’ Abner married Daisy May (1952)
1st Comic Relief benefit concert held (1986)
Knights of Columbus founded (1882)
Last US Troops left Vietnam (1973)
1st Automobile went 200 mph
Battle of Towton, Yorkshire (1461)
Lt. Calley scapegoated for My Lai Massacre
Niagra Falls stopped flowing (1848)
1st Swedish immigrants arrived in US (1638)
UK Women got the vote (1929)
King & I premiered on Broadway
1st Commercial space launch (1989)
Idi Amin deposed (1979)
John Partridge “Death” Hoax perpetrated by Jonathan Swift (1708)
LaBelle’s Lady Marmalade reached No. 1 (1975)
23rd Amendment (DC residents granted right to vote; 1961)
Marquis de Sade freed by demand of the people (1790)
Blood, Sweat & Tears’ Child is Father to the Man released
Original Johnny Carson Show ended on CBS (1956)
Committee on Assassinations Report issued by US House of Representatives stating JFK assassination was result of conspiracy (1979)
George Maw Johnson patented a process for the manufacture of ferruginous beers (1882)
Wisconsin Brewers Association founded (1899)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


by @ 3:00 am. Date Category: Holidays

Sun and Moon Creation Day
Illness Day
Teacher’s Day (Czecholsovakia)
Something on a Stick Day
Sacrifice At the Tombs (Old Roman Festival)
Taurobolium (Baptism of Blood)
Confucius Memorial Day
Tulip Festival begins (@)
St. Teresa of Avila’s Day
National Black Forest Cake Day
Scratch Ankle Festival (Florida @)
Defy Death Today Day
St. Gontron’s Day
Invasion of Loaming Shores Beyond the Certain Sea Anniversary (Fairy)
St. John N. Neumann’s Day (1st US Male St.)

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