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Welcome to the Brookston family blog. We'll post updates here on what's going on in our part of the world, and especially with our son, Porter, who has been diagnosed with some form of autism. Our hope is that this blog will help us deal with all the issues we'll be facing and keep our friends and family informed as well.

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March 29, 2007

Dora the Explorer

Categories: Humor — J @ 12:05 pm

If you have a toddler, especially a girl, in the two to six range, then you’re probably all too familiar with Dora the Explorer. And you probably feel at least a little like we do about her, that while Alice loves Dora, we’re much less than enthusiastic about having to be subjected to her on a regular basis. If so, you’ll probably find this SNL Dora spoof as hilarious as we did. Enjoy.

• • •

February 5, 2007

Monday Morning Motivational #57

Categories: Humor — J @ 11:59 am

I’ve decided 2007 will be the “Year of Procrastination,” because it seems harder and harder to get things done on any kind of timetable, at least for me.

• • •

December 16, 2006

Common Words, Uncommon Meanings

Categories: Humor — J @ 12:07 pm

I came across this list by accident searching for something unrelated and I thought it was pretty funny. So I thought I’d share. Apparently, the Washington Post published its winning submissions to a yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words:

coffee, n. the person upon whom one coughs.
flabbergasted, adj. appalled by discovering how much weight one has gained.
abdicate, v. to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.
esplanade, v. to attempt an explanation while drunk.
negligent, adj. absentmindedly answering the door when wearing only a nightgown.

lymph, v. to walk with a lisp.
gargoyle, n. olive-flavored mouthwash.
flatulence, n. emergency vehicle that picks up someone who has been run over by a steamroller.
balderdash, n. a rapidly receding hairline.
testicle, n. a humorous question on an exam.

rectitude, n. the formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists.
pokemon, n. a Rastafarian proctologist.
oyster, n. a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.
Frisbeetarianism, n. the belief that, after death, the soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.
circumvent, n. an opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish men.

• • •

October 13, 2006

An Overbooked Benefit for Autism Education!

Categories: News, Humor, Autism — J @ 11:12 pm

I already love Jon Stewart, but here’s one more reason. He’s hosting a live benefit show on Comedy Central called The Night of Too Many Stars, which is a benefit for autism education. I’m not sure why Jon Stewart or someone at Comedy Central chose autism as their charity, but I’m certainly pleased they did.

The show is this Sunday night, October 15, at 8 p.m Pacific (7 p.m. Central). It’s Jon Stewart, Elvis COstello is performing, and it’s for a good cause. Join us in watching the show.

Here’s what the website has to say about the show:

Comedy Central’s first live, on-air and online special event, Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Benefit for Autism Education will be held at New York City’s Beacon Theatre on Sunday, October 15. The comedians will perform to raise money to benefit education and research programs for autistic children and adults.

Here is the complete list of comedians and performers:

Hosted by: Jon Stewart

Will Arnett
Jack Black
Steve Carell
Kristin Chenoweth
Stephen Colbert
Elvis Costello
Jimmy Fallon
Will Ferrell
Will Forte
Fred Armisen
Ricky Gervais
Norm Macdonald
Christopher Meloni
Oscar Nunez
Mike Myers
Bob Odenkirk & David Cross
Amy Poehler
Paul Rudd
Borat Sagdiyev
Adam Sandler
Amy Sedaris
Martin Short
Tony Sirico
Ben Stiller
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Brian Williams

• • •

September 18, 2006

Monday Morning Motivational #56

Categories: Humor — J @ 11:59 am

Sometimes I feel like I’m biting off more than I can chew. Take this year, for example …

• • •

September 14, 2006

Rocks Out of His Head

Categories: News, Photos, Humor, Porter — J @ 2:52 pm

I took Porter to see an ear specialist this afternoon to get the remaining rock removed from his ear. It took a few tries but he had all the special tools and got the job done relatively quickly. The second stone, which was the one lodged closest to Porter’s eardrum was almost as large as the first. I’m keeping them. I think they’ll make dandy souvenirs one day.

The rock on the left is the first one out and the one on the right is the stone the specialist got out this afternoon.

• • •

Rocks in His Head

Categories: News, Humor, Porter — J @ 11:13 am

Okay, perhaps I shouldn’t be laughing about this, but it is pretty funny. Today I took Porter to the doctor for his 5-year check up. Everything looked great and he was very cooperative for a change and even managed to do his eye test, ear test and even gave a urine sample. For every one of those tasks, this is the very first time he cooperated and completed the test. He even used the big-boy eye chart with the letters on it instead of the baby one with just shapes. Porter is now 40 3/4 lbs. and is 43 1/2 in. tall.

But here’s the thing. A couple of weeks ago he began complaining, first to his grandparents, then to us, about having rocks in his ears. It’s one of those things we assumed he meant figuratively, like his ear had closed up and wouldn’t pop, or at least something like that. We looked in his ear but didn’t see anything. We asked him about it and whether or not is was bothering him and he said, “no.” But every couple of days he’d mention it again so it was in the back of my mind while at the doctor this morning, so I mentioned it to him. When he looked in Porter’s ears, what do you suppose he found? Not one, but two rocks were actually in his ear! One he was able to dig out and I have it wrapped in a tissue in my pocket. Considering it was lodged in his ear, it’s a pretty big rock. Unfortunately, the other one is too close to his ear drum and I have to take him to see a specialist this afternoon to get it out. So for now, at least, we can say “Porter has rocks in his head” and really mean it. Of course, the larger question of how they got there remained an unsolvable enigma.

• • •

September 4, 2006

Monday Morning Motivational #55

Categories: Humor — J @ 11:59 am

Okay, busy is one thing. This kind of busy is just crazy.

• • •

August 28, 2006

Monday Morning Motivational #54

Categories: Humor — J @ 11:59 am

Feeling a little too smug for my own good the last couple of days, so I decided to give myself a nice dose of reality, not that these hings don’t tend to work themselves out on their own.

• • •

August 22, 2006

Jelly on the Left

Categories: Humor, Porter, Food — J @ 11:39 am

Porter has been a big fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as long as he was on solid foods. It was one of his first favorites and remains popular today. But there have been a few minor changes over the years. Sometimes he liked his sandwiches cut, sometimes not at all. There was a toast vs. cold bread phase. His new one is even curiouser. He now prefers half-sandwiches that are folded rather than cut, which he calls rather simply, “fold sandwiches” as in “I want a fold sandwich.” But apparently even more important is which side the jelly goes on and which side the peanut butter goes on. It’s jelly on the left and peanut butter on the right. Do it wrong and he won’t eat it. Weird. Before I was aware of this, I tried turning the piece of bread around 180° so that the two had switched places, but he wasn’t buying that. So now I know, and so do you, it’s jelly on the left.

The proper placement of jelly on a PB&J.

A properly prepared sandwich ready to be folded.

One down, one to go.

• • •

August 21, 2006

Monday Morning Motivational #53

Categories: Humor, Friends — J @ 11:59 am

I’m not out of Demotivators yet, but that day will be coming, probably some time before the end of the year. Luckily, the well is not dry in other quarters. My friend — and closet Star Trek geek — Karen sent me a link to Star Trek Inspirational Posters, which are similarly hilarious, doubly so if you’re a Star Trek fan (which I used to be). I thought this one was good for this week, since I watched part of Bill Shatner’s roast on Comedy Central last night.

• • •

August 14, 2006

Monday Morning Motivational #52

Categories: Humor — J @ 11:59 am

Sarah left today for four days on the road, so I’m feeling like this one is appropriate for my week.

• • •

August 7, 2006

Monday Morning Motivational #51

Categories: Humor — J @ 11:59 am

I’m about to spend more time making a serious effort to market and promote my beer blog, in the hopes of achieving something.

• • •

July 31, 2006

Monday Morning Motivational #50

Categories: Humor — J @ 11:59 am

Back from Portland now, reminded yet again of how much I still need to learn, practce and do to become a better writer. The more I try to spread my wings, the farther I have to walk.

• • •

July 29, 2006


Categories: Humor, Friends, Food — J @ 2:51 pm

Okay, this isn’t really funny per se, but it didn’t fit into any other categories, either. A friend of mine, Jim Parker, left his position with both the Brewers Association and the Oregon Brewers Guild to open his own pub in Portland, called the Oaks Bottom Public House. They have a lot of great beers on tap, which was no surprise. The food menu was great, too, and had one particular dish that really stood out: Totchos.

Totchos are essentially nachos loaded with all sorts of goodies like tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, salsa, chicken, olives, peppers — frankly I could have done without the pepers, but that’s just me — and a few other ingredients. But instead of using nacho chips as the base, they use tater tots! Now prhaps that doesn’t sound too appetizing, but it really is deliciously yummy. It seems so obvious that I’m quite surprised nobody ever thought of it before. Of course, I never thought of either.

Oaks Bottom’s famous Totchos.

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