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Welcome to the Brookston family blog. We'll post updates here on what's going on in our part of the world, and especially with our son, Porter, who has been diagnosed with some form of autism. Our hope is that this blog will help us deal with all the issues we'll be facing and keep our friends and family informed as well.

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October 3, 2006

Mike R.

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Friends — J @ 12:22 pm

Today is our friend Mike R.’s birthday, too. He’s Sheldon’s main man and sadly, we don’t see either of them as often as we’d like in part because Irvine seems so far away. As a result, all of the photos I have of Mike are from Michelle and John’s wedding. Happy birthday Mike.

Mike, Kristine and Sheldon.

The Sheldon clan: George, Sheldon, Jenny and Mike.

Mike, Michelle and Sheldon.

Sarah, John Smith, Mike, Kristine, Katherine and Chris.

• • •

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Sarah, Friends — J @ 8:40 am

Today is our friend Corey’s fifty-something birthday. All that’s important is that there is someone among our friends who is older than me and Corey nicely stepped in to fill that role when he married our friend Nikki. Thanks for that Corey. Corey and Nikki also recently had a baby girl, Gianna. Happy birthday, old man … er Corey.

Corey and his son Tom at his Eagle Board of Review.

Corey and Nikki at home with Gianna.

Corey and Nikki with Kristine during a visit to Idaho.

Suzanne, Sarah, Corey, Nikki and Steven, at Suzanne’s housewarming party.

• • •

September 27, 2006

Karen Ishizaki

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Friends — J @ 10:10 am

Today is my friend Karen Ishizaki’s birthday. I used to work with Karen at Photo Drive-Up in Cupertino and we’d remained friends for many years after I left that job. But around ten years ago I lost touch with her and haven’t been able to track her down since, which is a shame. Happy birthday Karen, wherever you are.

In the photo booth at PDU.

Outside PDU.

Inside PDU. Notice a pattern here?

• • •

September 19, 2006

Dave H.: The Kara Years

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Friends — J @ 4:00 pm


These are all photos of Dave with his wife Kara.


At our wedding, showing us the lovely food we served.

Bemused at a Sarcasm Central party.

This was taken and Chris and Catherine’s wedding. I love this picture of Dave, he just looks so satisfied.

• • •

Dave H.: Friend, Mystic, Soccer Fanatic

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Friends — J @ 9:00 am

Today is our friend Dave H.’s birthday, who we met originally through our other friend Chris. M. Dave married our friend Kara and they now live in Seattle with their daughter Audrey.

Showing off the mushroom thermometer Dave discovered in the backyard of Sarcasm Central.

Enjoying a beer.

Planning to do some drinking.

At the inaugural MLS soccer game in San Jose.

• • •

September 18, 2006

Mike S.: Funny

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Friends — J @ 3:15 pm


Just a few parting shots that I found funny. Happt birthday Mike.

Late night by the hot tub at Mike and Mark Leonard’s old place.

On a camping trip, posing with a garbage can.

At our wedding; Chris M., Mike S., and John Smith.

Mike accepting his award at the now-defunct “J” Awards.

Trying to fit in the chalk outline we came across during my bachelor party.

• • •

Sally: Outdoors

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, J, Friends — J @ 2:10 pm


These were all taken outdoors and after college.

Down at Sally’s parents’ place along the ocean near San Luis Obispo. Sally, her friend Beth(?) and Karen.

Sally shaved her head before leaving for Africa. This was taken at a last hurrah she had at her folks’ cabin. We spent most if the day making sand sculptures.

Sally and me at Karen and Mike’s wdding.

• • •

Mike S.: The Karen Years

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Friends — J @ 1:05 pm


At an old party, Karen and Mike before they were dating, with Nikki and Pat.

Another pre-dating Karen and Mike.

Camping at Yosemite.

Mike and Karen at a Day at the Races for Michelle’s birthday, or as it will be forever known, “The Day of the Dead Horse.

Karen nd Mike at John and Michell’s wedding.

• • •

Mike S.: Friend, Camping Buddy, Password Partner

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Friends — J @ 9:30 am

Today is our friend Mike S.’s birthday. He has the unfortunate distinction of being married to our other friend Karen, for which he has our undying sympathy. We’ve known Mike since his college days when his roommate Pat began dating our friend Christi. Happy birthday Mike.

Quiet at the ‘Stick.

Mike with John Smith tailgating.

Using a fisheye lens at an old party.

Mike at our wedding.

Making pancakes.

Mark Leonard, John Smith, Mike and me.

• • •

September 16, 2006

Sarah’s Birthday Party

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Porter, Alice — J @ 2:00 pm

Three days after Porter’s birthday, Sarah had her birthday, as well. Porter was most insistent that we get her a chocolate cake. So he picked it out and we had the cake, some flowers and presents waiting for her as a surprise when she got home from work. I think both the kids liked the idea of having another birthday party right after we’d just had one.

Alice snuggles up to Sarah as she’s about to blow out her candles.

Alice is dazzled by the sheer number of candles and all the light they give off.

Sarah tries to look at her gifts while Alice tries to climb onto her head.

• • •

Glenna: John’s Big Sister

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Friends — J @ 10:30 am

Our friend John has a lot of brothers and sisters. His older sister Glenna was often in attendance at parties and is a terrific person. It’s a shame we don’t really see her these days.

Nikki, Glenna and Christi.

Glenna and Suzanne at the ‘Stick.

• • •

September 14, 2006

Mike B.

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, J, Friends — J @ 1:23 pm

Today is our friend Mike B.’s birthday. I thik he’s 38 today, but I’m not entirely certain. Mike used to be one of the Finch House residents, where there were weekly soccer games and a potluck meal once a week. He married another firned of ours, Jill, and they have two kids now, too, Cole and Page.

Christi and Mike.

At Christi and Pat’s wedding. Sean, me and Mike.

In the backyard of Sarcasm Central. Pat, Keith, Dave H. and Mike.

• • •

September 13, 2006

Sarah: Funny, Part 2

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Sarah, Friends — J @ 4:00 pm


This is the second half of the humorous photos, and the last post for today. Yes, Sarah, I’m done torturing you now. Happy birthday.

Nice face, babe.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Karen and Sarah … well, I don’t know what they’re doing.


Swalley. Tailgating at the ‘Stick.

• • •

Sarah: Porter’s Mommy

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, Porter, Sarah — J @ 3:00 pm


While there are plenty of pictures of both Porter and Alice elsewhere on the blog, these two were taken in the days before digital photography.

New Mom Sarah and Porter.

Sarah and Porter in San Diego.

• • •

Sarah: Funny, Part 1

Categories: Photos, Birthdays, J, Sarah — J @ 2:00 pm


Here’s the first batch of humorous Sarah photos.

Getting friendly with a chipmunk at Disneyland.

Ballroom Dancing for Halloween.

Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman.

Grrl Power, with Shmare and Zenobia at Eagle Lake by Lake Tahoe.

Maniacal Evil Genius cooking.

• • •
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