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April 14, 1963

The Ugliest Handbag

Categories: Photos, J, Family — J @ 6:59 pm

I’m not sure what the occasion was, but this has got to be the ugliest handbag anyone has ever given another human being, but my Bushie (my Dad’s mother) is being very sporting about it. Does everything in this picture clash or is it just me? Bushie’s birthday was in November and it doesn’t look very fall-ish. It’s obviously not Christmas. Easter, perhaps? Given that god-awful hat with giant flower on my lapel, I’m guessing it must have been Easter. The year was 1963 (I’m sure of that) and in that year Easter was April 14. Anyway, in 1963 I was four years old, which is the same age Porter is now as I’m writing this, which is weird.

My grandmother, who I called “Bushie,” in 1963.

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